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The Willow Tree

Willow trees have solid sturdy trunks with branches that are flexible and strong. They can bend with the wind, but not break from the pressure. Willow trees thrive best when they are near water and are known for their ability to regenerate. By simply placing a twig or branch in soil, a new tree will grow. In fact, in many cultures willow trees symbolize vitality, adaptability, and regrowth. Lynn Willow Gulli, your courage is our inspiration.

Write a note of encouragement, love and support for Lynn!


Love you and wishing you the best❤️❤️
— Brenna Dodaj
Lynn- Your smile lights any classroom up, you are such a beautiful ray of light. I am so lucky to have been one of your teachers in summer school three years ago. Your strength, courage, and kindness will get you through this hard time. I believe in you, sweet girl! You and your family are in my thoughts, always.
— Justine Perloe
We love you Lynn!
— Linda, Hal and Seth Ritch
Happy Birthday, Lynn! Have a wonderful Day and many more Birthdays to come. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.
— Jeanne Kafka
believe in yourself I know you can do it!
You’re awesome ,you’re doing great and you’re going to be healed soon , just believe in yourself . just really believe in yourself and you’ll be ok.
I’m proud of you for being so strong and I love you.
I’m always thinking of you,
— Calliope Vizzo
Sending you love and strength from south Florida. Be brave and know that you are spreading love, joy, and inspiration with every step you take on this very difficult journey.
— Theresa Sullivan
Hi Lynn hang in its a tough ride are a strong girl
— Joana Ott
I hope you feel better and god bless 😘😘😘😘😘😘
— Valentina Ceron
A big hug to you, Lynn. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we know you will beat this beast.
— Tipu and Family
Liam & Sophie Donahue, Ellie & Sam Scharff held a Lemonade stand this weekend. Lemonade for Lynn! It was a great success!
Will send pictures :)
We love you and are thinking of you LYNN!
— suzi donahue
Little Miss Lynn, I will be thinking of you and sending so good, healing vibes as you fight this fight like a super hero. Love you, you Mom, Cindy and your Dad Rocco.
— Kimberly Taylor
Hi Lynn I just want You to know I think of You every day and and send You Hugs and LoviesYou are a Special Girl & I Love YouXOXO SherSher Love You too Cindy ❤
— Sherry Hennigan
I miss seeing your smiling face at school every day, but I know you’ll be back stronger and better than ever soon! Sending you and your family lots of love and positive thoughts!
— Mrs Brush
Sending hugs and prayers for Lynn, Cindy, Rocky and Rocco...her wonderful spirit will prevail. Stay strong.
— Alison, Janet and Jenna Masciol
My heart goes out to you all. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.
— Laurissa Strouth
You are in our prayers! You will beat this!
= )
— The Munnelly Family
Hope you get better
— Every One at Willow Project
It was a pleasure for the members of the Quaker Ridge Hawk Watch at Audubon Greenwich to meet you. You are an amazing girl with great strength. Believe in yourself, your loving family and your doctors. You will do very well.

No doubt you also are a budding hawk watcher.
Your enthusiasm is inspiring.

Please come back to the hawk watch soon and often to help us spot hawks.
— Quaker Ridge Hawk watchers
Kim walks our dog and told us about Lynn. Our prayers are with you for a full recovery.
— Lew and Laura Nicoletti
I hope every time you come to visit you feel better 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
— Aaliyah Cardenas
you are so strong feel better
— Francesca Rizzuto
We send our love, prayers and support to Lynn and your Beautiful Family. Stay Strong!
— The Carangelo Family, Robert, Cathy, Maggie, Bobby and Billy
Dear Lynn,
You are a beautiful little girl with a long wonderful life ahead of you. We will all get through this together and I know, that you will attend back to school soon. I believe in you. We can’t stop the downpour but we can walk in the rain
— Kristin Koellmer
Lynn you are a Beautiful...I hope you feel better.
— Carla Galarza
You are all in our prayers during this difficult time.
— Katy Chung
With the love of your family, you will soon put all of this behind and you will continue to grow and mold into a spectacular human being.
— Lots of love - Beatrice, Rosalinda and Felice
Lynn, my friends and I are doing everything we can to spread awareness on The Willow Project. We have sent the link to everyone on our phones, social media, and requested that they are sent to others. Greenwich High School is getting involved with spreading the word. Stay strong Lynn, we’re all here for you.
— Jack Lesniewski
Sending strength and positive thoughts to the whole Gulli family. We are thinking of you and cheering you on. You’ve got this, Lynn!
— The Baez Family
Our thoughts and prayers for Lynn and her family
— marie sabandal
Dear Lynn,

I hope you feel better soon. You are my best friend. You have a great heart and you are kind. I will pray for you everyday.
— Michelle Jang
Dear Lynn and family, stay strong and positive! Sending you our love and positive energy!!!
— Kylie, Leo, Lilia and Angel Krustev
Hi Lynn, just want you to know that aunt Dina, uncle Joe, Mario, Arianna and Angelo are praying really hard so that you can get better and beat this. We love you with all our hearts and will be there for you no matter what. We love you to the moon and back again.....we love you too little Rocky..
— Dina Gulli
We are praying every day for you!
— Pecora Family
Thinking of you all the time and sending so much love and many hugs!
— Nurse Helen
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
— The Bickel's
I know your a strong willed girl and will come out of this Healthy An strong! I will be thinking of you and your family every step of the way and sending healing thoughts!
— Carol Mandras
My hearts goes out to Lynn and her family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!
— Virginia Miltner
Lynn, you are amazing, beautiful and strong. Everything will be okay.
— Bogumila Lesniewska
Thoughts and prayers go out to Lynn and her family during this challenging time.
— Love, The Muir Family
You are in our prayers. Blessings from Portland, Oregon.
— Jodi, Travis & Zach Ruybal
Stay strong, Lynn! You’ve got this!! Thinking of and praying for you all!
— Love, Keith, Lori, Michael & James
Lynn and Family, you are all in my thoughts and prayers everyday! Lots of positive energy, love and hugs to you all!!
— Deborah Ittel
To Rocco, Lynn and the entire family - you are in my thoughts and prayers.
— William Finn
Positive thoughts and prayers for Lynn.
— Jessica and Jeff Bickel
Get well soon, sweetie! We are thinking of you.
— Love always, Tracie and Gray Harris
My Dear Lynn, God is with you and your family to give you all the support you need. Daniela loves you so much. She can’t wait to visit you.
— Gladys Tapia
Lynn, stay strong and stay happy!!
— Thomas Monk
Lynn and Family, you are in our thoughts and prayers!
— Juliette, Horacio, Gaby and Adrian
You can do this Lynn! You’ve got your family and friends cheering you on. Lots of love to you and your family!
— Melanie Kallas Ricklefs
Lynn, we love you. We love Lynn’s smile which is cheerful, kind and full of curiosity. I know that Yukiko has been emotionally supported by Lynn from her first day at JC. Now we want to be of help to you somehow. Sending love and strength.
— Nahoko Takeuchi
You are all in my prayers!!! xoxo
— Ms. Sarah (Sharks Class, Gateway 2014)
Our prayers, thoughts and love are with you Lynn, Cindy, Rocco and Rocky. Much love.
— Sunny, Cindrella, Trystin and Jason Thaper
You are all in our prayers as you go through this journey.
— The McNulty Family
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
— Michael Rhein
Dear Rocco & Cindy, My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and Lynn. Best wishes for you all.
— Derek Tacon
Sending love and positive thoughts. xoxo
— Pam Flach
Dear Lynn, we hope you are feeling better. Our prayers are with you, so keep doing what the Dr. says to get strong again.
— Uncle Bo Botelho
My Grandson Jacari is Lynn’s classmate.....sending Lynn and her family positive vibes and the strength to forge ahead every day....we can’t control the ocean, but we can learn the surf the waves!
— Laurie Breiter
Hi Lynn!!!! We love you!!!!!
— Sailor Wood-Smith and family
Love and encouragement coming your way from North Carolina. Thinking of you and sending strength to this beautiful little girl.
— Lauren Dzubak Frye
My prayers are with this beautiful young girl. Stay strong Lynn and Cindy
— Bob Emrich
Thinking of you and your family always! Sending lots of love and prayers your way! xoxo
— Kelly Olson
Sending you lots of love, warmth, care, encouragement, smiles, from australia.
— Bronwyn Ewing
Sending love, strength and positive thoughts to little Lynn. Lots of love to you, Cindy.
— Pam Flach

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